witness circle coaching for executives, teams & business

We are in our offices who we are in life. Our industries mirror our people. Assessing the cultural, communal efficacy and relevancy of our corporate offerings challenges us to examine the collection of individual values, modes of operating, and visions of its people. Any coaching, mentoring, or training relationship is an opportunity to take on the conversations of intention, action, accountability.

My intention is to create the container within which these conversations can take place, and support the participants, and the company.

The relationship begins with an assessment of compatibility, interviewing decision-makers and executive-team members to begin to take on the culture of the corporation, and help flesh out statements of intention for our time together.

Possible helpful questions may include:
As a corporation, what is your mission?

Is there a distinction between product and commodity?

Within your group, team, department, are you tasked with a distinct mission? Is it known?

What is your relationship to the stated mission?

How relevant do you feel your role is to the goals of the company?

Throughout the onsite sessions, we together delve deeper into the culture of the corporate unit, and the people who comprise it.

What is the primary intention of the organization?

What are the aims of its individuals and teams?

Are there structures for sustaining the intended environment? What communication processes further our work?

What paths are available for redefining our business process model? Are our processes transparent to those we serve?

Are our clients being served by our ways?

What has been the impact of our choices?

How are we perceived in the marketplace?

What has been our response to that perception?

Taking on corporate and societal archetype work, opportunities are offered for process work on the individual, team, and company level.

Process Work
What is it that stops you?

What unfinished business is there?

What serves us, what can we part from?

The priority of my work is the safety of the participants, including confidentiality, and yet the opportunity exists to dance with those ways that have led the organization and its leaders to reassess practices and processes. Together we make it safe, but not too safe.

With our choices mirrored to us, we are made accountable. Space is created to invite in the ways of being that serve those who together comprise the company, and therefore the company itself. You are invited to declare who you wish to be in the industry, and in the workplace.

Following the coaching sessions, Executive teams are charged with the sustainability of processes and dynamics that support these declarations.